HTC Vive Holodeck PC – Part 1

Photos, etc. in Part 2
VR experience in Part 3

Hello, sandwich lovers!  It’s been a long time but I’m a terrible writer, so it’s probably for the best.  Today, we’re going to talk about virtual reality or “VR” as the kids are calling it these days.  I recently got my hands on a nifty little piece of kit called the HTC Vive.  This is one of the first-gen VR headsets recently available in the consumer space.   Now, there are several reasons I selected this one: There are really only two players in the field at the moment, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.  The rest are all of the “stick your phone into this plastic shell” variety.  I really wanted a VR set up that was cutting edge and Oculus’ privacy policy seems to be getting worse every week.  Luckily, the HTC seems to have better specs anyway, plus it’s backed by Valve’s Steam so you get that whole infrastructure along with it. What I did not have, however, was a PC that was anywhere near powerful enough to drive it.  Enter the Holodeck.

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